kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

A couple hours ago, I ate The Strangest Fruit I've Had In A Very Very Long Time.

It was a peach. Well, that's what they said, at least. We've had it for several days, but it hadn't ripened at all. It was still kind of hard. It SMELLED like a peach. It smelled very good.

Some parts of it even tasted like a peach.

I cut it into sections, and had to cut the pit out, as the flesh was still too firm to pull it out. The first bite tasted a bit like a peach, but really watered down.

The next bite tasted like perfume. Not a noxious perfume, it was actually quite pleasant, but...it actually reminded me of a body mist I used to have. Supposedly pear-flavored, but it didn't really smell like pears to me, but fruit blossoms.

The bite after that was watermelon. And after that?


Yes, banana.

Then it repeated itself. I was reminded of that gum in Charlie and Chocolate Factory that tastes like an entire meal.

So yeah. Definitely a strange fruit. I wish it'd had a little prime rib in it or something.

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