kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Mkay, so I just got back (well, about 20 minutes ago) from my first day of actual cleaning.

Damn, I didn't know I could sweat that much. Do you know what's sexier than me with sweat dripping off my hair and my nose?

Just about every single thing on the planet, with the possible exception of Paris Hilton rolled in poo.

It was Jackie, our trainer/captain, and Ashley and me. Normally on the first day of training, the trainees do one house, perhaps a rather simple one, so they can get the hang of everything they need to do. Jackie kept muttering about the house that Chelsea scheduled us to do, saying that it was a really big house for our first day.

And every single room had hardwood floors, except the bathrooms, which were CARPETED. Who carpets their bathrooms? Really.

We got to the house around 9:30, and were done by about 1:30. Then we had to go to another house and help another captain...the poor girl was there by herself. So we actually got done cleaning at about 2:45 or 3.

The multi-purpose cleaner really DOES smell like cinnamon. The grease cleaner smells like lemons, and the soap scum cleaner smells like almond extract.

I have a mantra. It's not forever, it's not forever...and if I keep sweating like this, I will have lost all the weight I need to for Keely's wedding fairly soon.

Also, I'm thinking that maybe in January I'll ask to be part-time, and sub the rest of the time.

The lady in the second house was home, and she came into the kitchen to get something to eat while I was cleaning in there. She was nice enough, but when Ashley came in to get a rag, the lady nudged me and whispered "Your coworker looks very sullen! I bet she doesn't want to do this! She's probably like, 'okay, I'll go back to school! I'll get a degree!' "

And I said, "I'd like to do that. Well, I already have a degree, but I want to get an art degree."

And she told me that, frankly, she thought even with the degree I have I could do better than work at a maid service.

Well, yeah, but I just think of it as I'm learning skills. When I have a place of my own someday, it will be very clean. And I won't have to hire strangers to make it that way. So there.

I'm going to take a shower now. Did you know that if enough sweat dries on your face, your face gets really stiff? Yeah, it feels really dry or like I have egg whites on my cheeks or something. Weird.

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