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Yesterday, Keely's boy Justin took us to the imax theater in Milwaukee to see HP3. It was sold out, but luckily Justin had bought the tickets online. Now for those of you who don't know what imax is, it's a HUGE-ASS screen (I think something like 60 ft high) and it SURROUNDS you. The seats were laid back so it's like watching TV on the ceiling, and if something happens to the left or right of the screen, you literally have to turn your head to see.

Obviously, this is a long movie, and not made for imax, so there were parts (like on the closeups, and the ride on the Knight Bus, and certain squiggly camera angles and movements) when the motion just got too much to bear. I definitely had to close my eyes a few times, and I noticed Keels doing it too. She seemed to alternate between headaches, nausea, and sadness caused by the more emotional parts of the movie itself. I had a headache when we got out, and was surprised I could walk without falling over on the people in front of me, but I wasn't as nauseous as I thought I'd be.

It was definitely an experience. I am not sure I would go to an imax again...definitely not for a long motiony movie. Maybe for one of the hour-or-less ones that are made specifically for those types of theaters. We got back to Burlington and I took them for dinner at a family restaurant (where I popped a few Ibuprofin) and then we went back to Justin's for a bit where we played LOTR monopoly and watched Superman with just the music (meaning no dialogue...interesting).

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