kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

We went to Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor today! Sooooooooooo. Tiiiiiiired.

We left at about 9 am and got back at about 9 pm.

First, we went to the amusement park. The first thing we went on was a roller coaster called the Demon. I closed my eyes and screamed then couldn't walk straight when we got off. Keely and I went on the Ricochet, then we went on Splashwater Falls. There were signs there saying, "You will get wet on this ride, probably soaked." There were other signs saying that shirts and shoes were required.

Then a group of annoying teenagers sat behind us.

Girls: Oh, we need to take off our shirts!

Guys: Okay! *start to take off their shirts*

Ride Operator: Leave your shirts on!

Very Annoying Girl: But it'll get wet!

Ride Operator: It'll dry.

Very Annoying Girl: *whine liek whoa* But my hair won't! *to her friends* I HATE you guys!

After the splashing was done and we were rolling back to the beginning, drenched, Very Annoying Girl said to her friends, "Now I'm going to be ugly the rest of the day. I apologize."

We went on the Logger's Run then, which is kinda like Splash Mountain at DisneyLand. Then Keels and I went on swings that fly in a circle. We walked back to the entrance and Keels and Justin rode the Carousel, then we got some lunch and went to a diving show called Mermaids and Mariners, which was silly but also pretty impressive.

Then we got our stuff from the car and went to (bum bum BUUUUM!!!) HURRICANE HARBOR YAAAAAAAAAY!

My first waterpark.

I was extremely nervous about the prospect of walking around in my bathing suit, but I did notice several other people who were much more...shall we say..."rotund" than I, who were wearing bikinis and such. We put all our stuff in a locker, including my glasses, so I wouldn't be able to see anyone making fun of me anyway. We went on some huge slide in innertubes, which was fun, then the wave pool, then another big slide (this one we all went on together) called the Bahama Mama. We went on a leisurely innertube ride down a river, then we did that thing where you go down the slide on a mat, on your belly. That one...I got water up my nose. And I got stuck at the beginning of the slide. That was kind of embarrassing. I kept my eyes closed the entire time, and all I could think was Don't fly off the mat, hang on, hang on, don't open your mouth, don't breathe don't scream...

We went back on the Bahama Mama and then Keels and I went back on the river, and by that time it was about 6. Then we spent an hour and a half at a caricature booth. We watched the guy draw a man with his daughter, then a very sullen little girl, then it was Keely and Justin's turn. They asked to be drawn as a bride and groom. The picture is very cute. Keely has a rock on her finger the size of a VW bus, and a key around her wrist, which obviously goes with the shackle and weighted ball around Justin's ankle. The preacher is laughing evilly in the background.

There was a group of people watching him caricature Keels and Justin...a couple women with a stroller and about 4 or 5 kids between them. There was a little girl in the stroller, and another one sitting on top of the canopy. Not a good place. The woman let go for a moment and the stroller fell back, slamming the girl on top into the asphalt face-first. There was much screaming of "OH MY GOD" and "SHE'S BLEEDING" and a girl about 7 yelling, "YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO LET GO, MOM!" The mom rushed the small screaming child away to the first aid building. Other than that, it was a very enjoyable day. We got Dippin' Dots on the way out of the park. By the time we got home it was dark.

Quite a day. Quite a day.

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