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In reference to my post from yesterday evening, Road Rage, we talked to the cops.

Well, okay. They were supposed to call us last night. The incident happened around 7:30. By 9 or so, they still hadn't called, so I called Mel and we talked for a while. By 9:30, I was insanely tired and went to bed, and was asleep by 10.

We still hadn't heard anything today, so we figured the matter had been resolved. A few minutes ago, Keels and I went to McDonald's for dinner, because we're evil Americans. When we got back, I checked our phone for messages. To do this, I have to pick up the receiver and turn it on, and if the dial tone beeps a lot, it means we have one.

So anyway. We had a beepy signal. I handed the phone to Keels, thinking it was her folks.

Keels: God, we go out for five minutes and we have a message. What the hell.

Me: I know. No one ever calls us.

So Keels listens to the message, the furrow between her brow getting deeper. She starts making loopy motions with her hand. "Pen, I need a pen."

The message ends just as she finds one. She pushes the buttons to listen to it again. "It's the cops...they called last night at like 10:30."

I said, "Oh, I guess I was zonked out by then, I didn't even hear the phone."

She nodded, then started listening again...then suddenly looked at me, her eyes wide and her mouth making a little "O."

Me: What? ...Did you erase the cop??

Keels: Not on purpose!

So she had to call the police station and ask who called last night, and was told it was Officer Something-ending-in-'ov,' and he would call her back shortly.

When the phone rang again, she picked it up. Here is the converstation she related to me, with Officer Monotone-ov.

Officer Monotone-ov: This is Officer Monotone-ov with the Burlington Police Department. Is this Kelly?

Keels: Yes, this is Keely.

Officer Monotone-ov: *is silent*

Keels: ...sooo...do you want me to just tell you what happened?

Officer Monotone-ov: Yes.

Keels: *tells him the whole story*

Officer Monotone-ov: Thank you. That helps. *hangs up*

Keels: ...Goodbye to you, too.

He didn't even want to talk to me, and I was the driver. But oh well. I probably would have thrown up my Big Mac or something.

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