kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Had a spooky dream last night. Any of you who read Keely's journal know what she thinks about ghosts. Perhaps this dream was a result of us talking about the supernatural or something.

The two of us were in one of the houses that we clean (well, that she cleaned) and for some reason, we had to spend the night. The house was empty. We set up a bed in the kitchen (it was a real bed, too, with bedposts and everything). We went to sleep. A while later, I woke up, but kept my eyes closed. I could feel something in the room with us.

Now, when Keels says she can feel ghosts, I kinda know what she means. Tingly, prickly sensation. But for me, I always figured that was me just being paranoid. Well, in the dream, I knew there was something in the room with us...there's no way what I was feeling was paranoia. My entire back and the nape of my neck tingled to the extent that I wouldn't have been able to move even if I wanted to. I had the chills, but also hot flashes. It was behind me, I could feel it.

And then...

It tried to roll me over. I could feel myself lifting and starting to roll, but I fought back. I didn't want Keely to wake up because I knew she would totally freak out, but she did anyway.

My hippo Ian was on the dresser (yes, in the kitchen) and was blinking at me. That freaked me out too, because he's a plush hippo. I thought maybe he was possessed. But he just looked bewildered. I told him to stay on the dresser and "protect" us (which was my subtle, clever way of saying "stay over there, away from me"), a duty which he seemed to enjoy, but then the thing picked Ian up and hovered him toward me. It scared Ian, I could tell, and when the ghost dropped him on the bed, he buried his head in my chest and shuddered. So I decided he wasn't an evil plush hippo, just one that had somehow come alive for a while.

Anyway, the presence didn't stop there. It kept floating stuff at us and dropping it on the bed, even after I asked it to stop. Looking back, I'm wondering if maybe it was trying to please us, much like a dog bringing sticks or a cat bringing dead and dying mice.

Our bed was off the floor a bit, too. I don't know what Keels was doing, but my guess is she was in shock. To tell the truth, so was I, a bit. But I think the tingling was this thing's way of waking me up, because after I awakened, it wasn't so strong.

Then, of course, no one back at the office believed us.

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