kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Another reason I'm glad that I'm quitting:

No more of this passive-aggressive bullshit.

I put in my two weeks' notice Friday before last, saying that this coming Friday would be my last day working. I worked all last week. It's Wednesday of my last week, and guess how many days I've worked so far. That's right. NONE.

I was on call Monday, and that afternoon Borky* called and said I'd be on call the next day, too. "Oh, we thought that since Friday is your last day, we should uh...mumble mumble mumble." You should what, Borky? Give me the day off? How kind. He told me that I would be needed on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, though. So I went in today. Oh, guess what. I'm an extra. And since everyone showed up who had to, I don't work today, either.

They do this, you know. Whenever someone gives their notice or pisses them off in some way, they make them extras or on call or send them to Elkhorn multiple days in a row. They've done that to girls before, if the girl got a complaint or they somehow didn't like her...one girl was an extra for an entire week till she finally just quit.

And they seem to be confused when girls just quit without giving notice. Feckin' DUH, you morons.

Well, I told my mom about their passive-aggressiveness, and her words were, "Fuck'em." I love my mom.

Also, Des and I got a complaint at one of the houses we did on Friday. They wanted us to edge the master bedroom carpet (which I DID, very well I might add...I even moved things I wouldn't necessarily have to, since it wasn't a deep), they wanted us to clean the tops of the kitchen cabinets as far as we could reach (which I DID, not my fault I couldn't do it very well because I'm not tall, our stepstool isn't that tall, and their cabinets were disgusting) and there was a note on the service report to vacuum the dining room drapes, which had nothing on them. Later, we figured out they'd wanted us to vacuum the FORMAL dining room drapes (which I did on the first time in, not my fault they had so much pet hair on them that not all of it came off) and anyway, we weren't supposed to do the formal dining room this time ANYWAY.

I'm serious, guys...that house looked so good when we were done with it...I don't know where these people were looking in their bedroom to be dissatisfied with the edging. What the hell ever.

*Not his real name. He's the owners' son, and he works maybe 4 hours a day. Sometimes. He's also the one who guesstimates how long a house should take to clean, and if we go more than 15 minutes over or under time, we get docked pay.

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