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Mom took Keels and me to the zoo today!

Remember last time we went, I said we thought the "Sumatra" toad was dead?

Well, it was a Surinam toad, and we still think it's dead. It was in pretty much the same position as it was last time, but on the bottom of the tank. It did not move the whole time we were looking at it, and we stared for like 15 minutes. ...Though, I just looked up some info on the toad, and apparently they're known for their inactivity. So, we wasted 15 minutes hoping for a zoo worker to walk by so we could say something like, "So can you tell us about this frog?" or "Hey...this thing's dead."

We spent a lot of time in the primate house, and mom especially seemed enamoured of the gorillas. There were groups of high school students on some sort of assignment wandering about, and without adult supervision. They were teasing one of the gorillas sitting outside, by holding their hands up very near the plexiglass and waving. The gorilla would watch them out of the corner of his eye, then suddenly pound on the glass and run away, clearly an aggressive behavior, then the kids would laugh and say "I'm gonna try that again!" I almost said something, but then they stopped and we left. The bonobos were fairly active this time, and there were a bunch of them in the exhibit. A couple young ones were playing and chasing each other, and Keely said something about hoping they weren't about to start sexing each other up, because there were groups of Kindergarteners coming behind us. Then, a couple seconds later...

Keels: Uh oh.

Me: What?

Keels: Remember that thing I was afraid the bonobos might do? Well...they're doing it.

We also saw a couple bonobos kissing. They were just lounging around, head to head, occasionally smooching. Very cute. And while were at the gorillas, a zoo worker told Keels that the first time she'd watched gorillas mate, she'd been embarrassed, because they're very tender and they were stroking each other and it was almost like watching humans.

The spider monkeys were really fun, too. A zoo worker was washing the outside of the glass on their exhibit, and a couple of the young ones were jumping on the glass, trying to grab her squeegee. They were swinging on ropes and shrieking and having a merry time. AND! There was a baby! The zoo's newest birth, a little over a month old. The sex is unknown at this time. The mom was holding it on a platform, and there was another one there too...maybe the father? They seemed very loving...there was a lot of hugging and stuff.

Also, I want a Goeldi's Monkey. So so cute. And fast little buggers.

The kinkajou was awake this time, and moving around. The Senegal Bushbaby was cute as always and very caffeinated, though not as much as it was last time.

We ate burgers at the food court thing, and I tossed bits of buns and fries at the peacock that was begging at our table, while my mother rolled her eyes and hissed "Stop it!" at me. Then, we went to look at the moose and the wolves, and found a sign that said that feeding any animals there, INCLUDING the peacocks that were EVERYWHERE, carried a $500 fine. I was like "Oh. Well, shit!" and felt bad.

Anyway, it was a great day. We got back home in time (barely) for me to pick up my car from the shop (don't want to talk about it, bleh) and had dinner at a Denny's-style restaurant, then zipped over to Justin's to watch a couple shows. And now we're home! Fun fun!
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