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I found this at Netscape.com in the What's New? section. I would link to it but that section is really just a drop-down window and I don't know how.

Scientology: How Katie Will Give Birth

Even if Katie Holmes, who was raised a Roman Catholic, doesn't convert to Scientology as fiancé Tom Cruise is likely pressuring her to do, chances are she'll still have to endure a Scientologist's birth. In short, no painkillers. And here's a little known fact: No screaming or groaning either.

New York Daily News reporter Corky Siemaszko humorously calls it "Katie Holmes' mission impossible," noting that practitioners of the religion require a "silent birth" in which the mother is given no painkillers and is forbidden from screaming or groaning for fear of traumatizing the baby. From church founder L. Ron Hubbard's book, "Dianetics": "Maintain silence in the presence of birth to save the sanity of the mother and the child and safeguard the home to which they will go." To this end, Scientologists also recommend seven days of silence for newborns to reduce the level of trauma they experience in their first days on Earth.

This can be, shall we say, difficult for women. Actress Kelly Preston, who is John Travolta's wife, told Redbook magazine in 2000 that she screamed for an epidural while giving birth at home to daughter Ella. Both Preston and Travolta are practicing Scientologists. "It got hard-core at the end because she was big," Preston told Redbook. Labor lasted 13 hours. Her husband later described it as a "beautiful, still experience that lovingly brings a child into the world without screaming or talking."

What?? WHAT??? Please, Scientologists, please tell me you're kidding.
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