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So I had another half day of subbing today, my first day at the Waterford district. I subbed for a special ed aide, and my job was mostly to go back and forth between the classrooms of two brothers, second-grade. They were preemies (twins) and have cerebral palsy, but one can walk fairly well and the other can use a walker, and they both have wheelchairs.

I was very nervous because I'd never worked with special needs children before, but it was really fun. Both the boys were absolutely charming. The lady I was subbing for was there this morning (she was going on a field trip) and she introduced me around, and when she told the boys who I was, the one with the walker gave me a hug! He's a little less developed than his twin, has vision and motor problems, slurred speech, and needs help keeping focused, but he was so sweet. The other one is very quick-minded, it seems, and able to read and count fairly normally. They both love gym (favorite subject) and the huggy one hates math.

I sat in a chair next to their desks and once, when I sat down next to the less impaired one, I bumped my knee on his desk and said "Ouch!" He nodded sagely and said, "Yeah, this desk is very bitey."

Tomorrow and Monday I'm TECHNICALLY subbing for the special ed teacher and not the aide, but I think the aide I was subbing for today is just going to take over for the teacher and I'll basically be doing the same things I did today, maybe with different kids.
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