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Tric and I were discussing Schoolhouse Rock songs on #loth today, and she found some samples on Amazon and we listened to them. Haven't heard them in, like, 10 years, but I still remember most of the words to "I'm just a Bill." Freaky.

Which reminded me about a movie I used to have, called "Strong Kids, Safe Kids." It wasn't actually a movie, it was more like an informational video about kids, what a kid should do if a stranger approached them, if someone 'touched them wrong,' that sort of thing, and it featured songs and commentary by Sesame Street people and, like, The Fonz and stuff.

Anyway, I'm writing this because I also remember the lyrics to a song from that video, a song about the proper names of boy and girl 'parts,' that is sung by some Sesame Street guy with a guitar in a playground. Because it always amuses me when I think of it, here are the lyrics, as best as I can remember. And keep in mind I haven't seen this video in at least 15 years, probably.

"Penis...is what boys have down in front.
Penis...that's the word though it seems blunt!
All boys have a penis so no matter what you've heard
remember that PENIS...is the proper word."

"Vulva...is what girls have down below.
Vulva...when she's naked it will show!
All girls have a vulva so no matter what you've heard
remember that VULVA...is the proper word."

"Both BOYS and GIRLS have BREASTS!
That everyone recognizes!
They're FOUND upon our CHESTS!
And grow to diff'rent sizes!"

And then the guy slid down a slide with his guitar, and grinned, like he actually just accomplished more than traumatizing the kiddies.

Aaaand that's all I remember. It's even better with the tune to go with it.

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