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So last night I chatted with one of the girls I used to work with at Merry Maids. The way the office was when I left was as follows:

Shar: Owner
Borky: Shar's son, office manager
Lacy: Secondary manager, on maternity leave
Alice: Terciary manager, standing in for Lacy as secondary manager
Felice: Used to be a captain, brought in temporarily as terciary manager

All these names have been changed, yadda yadda, and I am not sure of the actual job titles. These will do for now.

Anyway, so I talked to this girl yesterday. I already knew that Lacy had quit, deciding to just not come back after her maternity leave was over. Alice became permanent Secondary, and Felice became permanent Terciary. According to my information source, Alice was just fired. For sticking up for the girls too much.


The thing is, Alice didn't really stick up for us at all, and when she did, it took the form of cutting us a little slack when it came to cleaning times (i.e., not yelling at us when we took the time to clean properly as opposed to rushing through it so we could get to our next house.) All the girls complained about Alice being too harsh on us.

So how, pray tell, could she get fired for sticking up for us too much?

The way things are handled in that office are so ridiculous there just aren't words to describe it.

When Felice was brought in to be a Terciary, no one told her it would just be temporary. She turned down a really good job elsewhere so she wouldn't let the office down, and they were ready to screw her over. The only reason she is in the office right now is because Lacy quit and now that Alice is fired as well, Borky needs someone there to watch the office while he does whatever he does for the rest of the day, after he spends his obligatory 3 hours at his desk, griping about how clumsy the girls are when someone knocks over a lamp and breaks a bulb or something.

I am so glad Keels and I got out when we did.
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