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Weird dream last night. I was back in school (like...junior high, maybe high school). The building didn't look at all like any school I've ever been to, which is probably why I had such difficulty finding my locker. Actually, in the dream, I knew that I had already graduated and stuff, but I needed to pretend like I was a student again.

At one point, Nina and I were late for lunch because we had to finish up some homework or something, so we got there right before the cafeteria closed. Well, we were trying to find some plates, but all the plates that were out had already been used, except for two. Right before we got them, ALL THESE PEOPLE cut in front of us and took the two plates, leaving Ni and I with none. And I really wanted the self-serve mashed potatoes.

Oh well. We'll just ask the guy behind the counter for plates. What's that you say? The guy behind the counter's an ass? Really?

Yes, he was.

He took that hose thing from the sink and SPRAYED ME WITH IT. I'd never even seen the guy, and I was already angry because it had been a bad day, so I was nearing my breaking point. I sputtered, "Wha..." and he SPRAYED ME AGAIN.

I managed to say, "Look, man. This is a warning. I'm pissy today. I will beat the crap out of you if you d..." and the asshole DID IT AGAIN.

I let out a rebel yell and sprang through the window at him, and did indeed beat the crap out of him. He was crying. It was good.

Nina started shouting (over the cheering of all the other line-people) that there was a teacher coming, so I leapt to my feet and, slipping on spilled gravy, ran off with Ni trailing behind. Luckily, no one in the line or the cafeteria recognized us, so we figured we were home free.

That is, until we realized that the cops had been called.

We camped out in an empty part of the library, and occasionally heard running feet and shouting as teachers and cops followed our trail. Come to think of it...we left a trail of gravy. You'd think they would have found us quicker.

Anyway, I was wracked with guilt and thinking maybe I should turn myself in and go to jail (it didn't cross my mind that a cafeteria brawl wasn't exactly a felony), wondering if I could plead temporary insanity.

Ni convinced me not to, though. "We don't even know if it's you they're looking for.

When we left the building, an old-fashioned constable was climbing the steps to go inside, and he gave us a speculative look, but didn't say anything.

Then, Ni and I were walking on a well-worn trail through sunlit woods, to get back to our houses (though we live about 15 miles from one another). There was a lot of mud in spots, but it was a nice walk, and there were a bunch of other people around, too. As I was walking, I noticed something moving on the ground. It looked like a very tiny cow head, attached to a very tiny cow neck. I knelt down and swiped some of the mud away, and the tiny head and neck were attached to a tiny body, stuck in the mud. It wasn't a cow, either, it was a baby deer. It was very wee (<--look it's my word heee!). I lifted it in my arms and carried it down the trail a little way, and came across a larger deer! I gave the wee deer to the bigger one, and she cleaned the baby, then they both bounded away on a path that had been hidden till now.

The deer stopped and looked back at us, so Ni and I followed them. We were still in the sunlit woods, on a very windy trail. When we came to the end of the trees, there was a gorge in front of us, spanned by a very old, skinny, rickety looking bridge. Ooh, the deer are crossing it! So should we!

So we did.

At one point, we looked up and the deer were gone. We were still on the rickety bridge. In front of us, there was nothing. The bridge was gone. It didn't occur to us that the deer had just fallen off the bridge and died. We figured the bridge must just be invisible, like in a video game. But we still didn't want to try to cross it. But behind us...COPS! They followed us!

And then I woke up because I had to pee.
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