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Well, once again, our Halloween candy-handing-out score was disappointing. Keels and I went to Justin's (since he's on a main street and his living room is on ground level). Keels dressed as a gypsy (gorgeous, as usual) and I was Bloody Nell, the Ghettoest Pirate, Scourge of uh...Cheese...


Our first 'Treaters were two little fairies, the youngest was probably 3 or 4. I opened the door and the older one said "Trick or treat!" while the younger one pushed past me and walked into the living room. I said, "Hi!" and her mom, who was on the walk in front of the house, cried "Oh no no no, sweetie!" and ran up the steps. She pulled the little girl back onto the porch and explained that it was her first time trick or treating.

The little girl was SO CUTE. We laughed.

Then Keely opened the door to the Grim Reaper and...some 13-year-old dressed as NOTHING except a 13-year-old, then I opened the door to Jason and...someone...and then, about an hour and a half later, Keels opened the door for two teenage girls dressed (we're guessing) as Britney Spears.

And that was it. I even gave myself a lipstick cut on my cheek and a blue eyeshadow black eye! Though Jason and uh...someone's mom did call from the sidewalk, "I like your costume!"

By the way, we did get pictures of both of us, but it depends on how they turn out and whether you-all are nice to me if I post them or not.
Tags: gypsy, halloween, pirate, trick or treat

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