kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

kokopellinelli's Halloween party:

amoryl dressed as Connie Chung, and it suited them all too well.
aphemicghost dressed as Captain Kirk from "Star Trek".
apollotiger dressed as Al Gore, and it suited them all too well.
artsyfartsytric didn't even show up and doesn't get any candy.
azazel dressed as a cup of coffee.
babb_chronicles dressed as a outfielder for the Mariners.
beowulff didn't even show up and doesn't get any candy.
boobieblues dressed as a CDLD Polluters employee.
butterfairy didn't dress up, spoilsport.
chaosvizier dressed as Mariah Carey.
cleolinda dressed as your sister.
cvburg forgot to put on clothes!
dark_wolf dressed as a character.
dawnearth dressed as Calvin Coolidge.
deu_sex_machina dressed as a fullback for the Saints.
discodawn dressed as someone called "Roberto Westwood", but you've never heard of them before.
egyptian_kisses dressed as a bear.
fahye dressed as a ghost.
foresthouse dressed as a 1980's yuppie child, and it suited them disturbingly well.
getting_weary dressed as a bottle of Roxwaltel.
granolasquirrel dressed as James Garfield.
hellziggy dressed as a green petal.
hostis_leti dressed as a disturbing self-made character called "Snotty Gorillahead".
iharthdarth dressed as Bill Clinton riding a rat.
indnraindancer dressed as Hurricane Wade.
irishcastles dressed as Moe Szyslak.
jigglesthefett dressed as the King of Maldives.
jokergirl gets drunk, strips naked, and somehow emerges dressed as a associate webpage designer.
keelykins dressed as the Lord of Freejetum.
lala2 dressed as the Governor of Maine.
malhablada dressed as Optimus Prime.
milestogo13 dressed as a new member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Irate Commander.
milestonano dressed as Ted Williams.
msmatty35 dressed as a character from Harry Potter and the Flute of Justice.
natsaih dressed as Mary-Kate Olsen with her very own conjoined Ashley.
ponycow dressed as a Level 11 ranger.
rainyart dressed as the love child of George W. Bush and Halle Berry.
raisedbymoogles dressed as the Direct Power Ranger.
redwaltz dressed as a new superhero: Living Wonder.
rivoclavis dressed as Paris Hilton.
say_revolution dressed as something relative, but what, specifically, you can't tell, though it looked more like a prick.
skinny_oni dressed as Cameron Diaz, though it looked more like Tiffani-AmberThiessen.
skyesidhe dressed as a hungry angel.
spiegelscherben didn't dress up, spoilsport.
squirrellyfox dressed as a Shepperd ManufacturingInc. employee.
steppinrazor dressed as a cat.
tams dressed as a angel, though it looked more like Cmdr. Riker from "Star Trek".
unmiserable didn't dress up, spoilsport.
ursulav gets drunk, strips naked, and somehow emerges dressed as the spirit of their dead grandmother Rosemary.
wyldirishtric dressed as a storm.

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