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Hello, everyone! I'm back! YAAAAAAAAAY.

I had a really good trip (whirlwindy) which I don't completely remember.

I picked up my mom and uncle at the train station in Milwaukee on the 17th with my loaded-up car. By the time we got back to Justin (and Keely's) house, it was dark, but Mom and Uncle had decided to head out the same day, so we stuffed the last of our luggage into the Exploder and drove off into the night (after much hugging of Keels, whom I miss). I drove, Uncle sat in the passenger seat, and Mom sat in dun dun DUUUN The Barrel. The Barrel is the single fold-down seat in the back of the Exploder. The rest of that bench was down so as to fit all my crap in the car, so the barrel consisted of the side door, the seat back, the back of the driver's seat, and a wall of boxes very nearly to the ceiling.

Luckily, The Barrel was Mom's domain for most of the four-day (I think) trip. Uncle's very tall and I drove most of the way to Oregon, though we did both take our turns in The Barrel. Mostly, it was drivedrivedrive, though our first full day on the road we did stop at several graveyards and sites where ancestors are buried.

We got to Portland and sent Uncle on down to Cali while Mom and I hung out with Charles for a few days. After his last class (6 pm) on Wednesday, we headed down to Cali ourselves, but stopped a little over halfway to spend the night in a hotel. On Thanksgiving morning we continued on down to grandpa's house and got the turkey in the oven and dinner made, and Uncle brought Grandpa from the place he's living and we all had dinner together. It was quite lovely. We stayed there for a few days (sent Joe College back to Portland by bus) and then Mom and I went to Grandma's for a couple days before putting me on a plane back home.

That's right, I'm HOME. *huge sigh of relief and happiness*

getting_weary picked me up at the airport and drove me home, and we had a nice long chat. It was good. I've missed her a lot, and we used to be inseperable. After a few minutes, it was like old times.
Mel and Ni came back, with Mel's almost-a-year-old son. He's such a cutie. We were having fun, too, until I tried to change his diaper. I think I traumatized him for life. In my defense, I haven't changed a diaper for years.

My cat is odd. And gross. I'm going to have to do something tomorrow about that thing dangling from his butt. I just don't want to deal with it now. And steppinrazor suggested dog wipes for the dandruff all over his fur. I'm afraid that if I try to give him an actual bath he'll have a heart attack. He's...quite large. He was like that when we got him, though. He's on a diet.

And he is mega-affectionate. He'll be perching on my lap, contentedly kneading his (thankfully) declawed front paws on my boob, then all of a sudden he'll launch himself at my chin and butt it with his head, purring like a motorboat the whole while.

I think he may be slightly mentally deficient. He's been purring since he got here, then he meowed at me from the other side of the room. I said, "I cleaned your litterbox and fed you, silly." And he meowed again and purred as he started walking toward me. I stood up and came toward him, thinking to pet him quickly, and he suddenly HISSED at me, then ran into the living room, where he...sat down and started purring at me again. Schizocat.

Okay. So.

Good to be back (home AND in cyberspace). I've missed you all. I'm very tired now and may go to bed, or I may just watch TV till I pass out on the couch.
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