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I adore children. I really do.

At the moment, I'm watching Nanny 911. Families that have trouble controlling their kids call a group of professional nannies (all with proper British accents) and the Head Nanny sends the one she thinks will be most able to handle the situation.

This family...*facepalm* First of all, 6 kids in 7 years? Birth control, people. And if you can't control the ones you've got, please don't say "We're open to having more." Because YOU JACKASS, your wife stays home and takes care of them while you go to choir practice and director's meetings and your kids (let alone your wife) don't get to spend any time with you at all.

They just showed a clip of later in the show, when the wife FINALLY gets to leave the house for once to have a little me-time while her husband stays with the kids, and the husband said to the camera, "I don't WANT to stay home with the kids. There are more valuable ways that I could be spending my time." WELL, ASS. MAYBE YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TO STAY WITH THEM ONE AFTERNOON OUT OF EVERY DAMN YEAR IF YOU WEREN'T SUCH A FECKIN' HORNDOG. Freakin' pooper. HOLY SHIT THAT KID JUST ATE A WAD OF PAPER NAPKINS. These people...are just beyond...anything. Ever.

Cheezus rice. Please please please don't have kids unless you know how to take care of them.

On another note, I babysat again today. Very adorable baby.

And on ANOTHER note, as soon as I was done babysitting, I ran into town to visit one of my best friends who is in the hospital with what the doctor thinks is viral meningitis. She'll be fine, as they've got her on antibiotics.

Back to Nanny 911...OMF-ingG. The mother lets her 1-year-old climb up and down the steep stairs, lets her small kids do whatever they want while she just kinda spaces on the couch (including playing with scissors and putting books in the microwave), and her 8-year-old is left to parent her younger siblings. And the DAD...words cannot express how much someone needs to break his stupid guitar over his head. Gee, I'm sorry your family needs your attention. If your music is more important to you, maybe you should have thought of that before you knocked up your wife 6 FECKING TIMES. Not too busy for SEX, ARE YA? Gorram moron.
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