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Another hotel story.

Most of the people that stayed in the hotel were very nice, though we had some weirdos. This one guy in particular was just creepy. He stayed in the hotel for a week or so. Every night he would frequent our bar then go to all the other bars in town (Population: 4,500. Churches: 7. Bars and liquor stores: 50 gazillion.)

This man, luckily, never paid much attention to me. He didn't hit on me (thank god) but every evening as I sat behind the desk counting down the minutes till 11 pm I would see this man walking drunkenly up the stairs to his room with a DIFFERENT drunk woman every night.

He had a sword, too, one of those ones that is disguised as a cane. Once he was showing to some very admiring ladies in the lobby. ("Check it out! You take this thing off and it's a sword!" "Ooooh, it's SO BIG!")

Once, right as my shift was ending, I answered the phone and it was the Pipeline, a bar just down the street from the hotel. One of the waitstaff was calling to tell me that he had found one of our keys. It belonged to the swordman. I didn't know where swordman was, so I went over to the Pipeline and picked up the key, which was kind of annoying just because I was tired and this guy had already caused me trouble.

The worst part about him, though, was his girlfriend/wife/live-in nookie or whatever she was. She didn't live at the hotel, and I don't know where this guy came from but he was always getting calls from this woman. Part of my job was to ring people through to rooms or, if no one answered, take a message for that room. I didn't mind this. However, this woman had a VERY thick accent (maybe Asian, maybe Philipino, maybe something else) and spoke fairly little coherent English. Normally I didn't mind when she called, I understood who she wanted to talk to and could ring her through, or take a short message. But she would call EVERY SINGLE DAY at least 2 or 3 times, and sometimes, if the guy didn't answer his phone she would ask me if he had a woman with him. Sometimes she would ask this when I knew that he DID have a woman with him, but really I didn't think I should have to be the one to tell her that her man was a slimeball.

One night she called and I rang her through, and as usual he didn't answer, so I picked the phone back up and asked if I could take a message. Sobbing, she said, "YES. You tell him I not ever wan' to see him again an' I find someone ELSE to love and he not a good person and *more incoherent sobbing rambles* and I HATE him and I throw all his stuff away and he never ever to see me again or talk to me!"


I wrote, "She doesn't want you to contact her again." on the message slip because I really didn't want to write all that down, plus it's not like it was any of my business. I SHOULD have said, "Ma'am, I'll tell him to call you but I will not break up with him for you. That's not my responsibility." but I really just wanted to get her off the phone.

I gave the guy his message when he came in that night and he didn't seem too distraught, just nodded and went to his room.

A few days later, I was checking someone into a room when a cop came in and asked for the guy's room number. I wasn't supposed to give out room numbers, but I gave it to the cop and he went up to the room, then came down and tried to call the room, then thanked me and left. Seems the guy had assaulted someone at a bar the night before. The cops got him and locked him up so I never had to deal with him again except for when he sent a friend to pick up his junk from his room and I had to call the jail to make sure I should release the stuff.

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