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Andi the Ohio Police Dog Named in Lawsuit

ATHENS, Ohio (AP) - One of the defendants has more than a leg to stand on in a lawsuit filed by a convicted drug dealer. Andi has four legs. He's a dog used by the Athens County Sheriff's Department.

County Prosecutor C. David Warren said to his knowledge, it's the first time the county's dog has ever been singled out as a defendant. Warren has volunteered to handle Andi's defense personally.

``That dog could've done something to me or one of my attendants,'' said Wayne Francis Green, 46, of Albany, who filed the suit Nov. 18 in Athens County Common Pleas Court.

Green, who is representing himself, alleges that a search of his furniture business in 2003 was illegal. He claims officers also went into an adjoining building that he owned without a warrant, but police deny it.

Green said Wednesday evening that he felt endangered by Andi's presence.

``They've got a mean ol' dog, you know what I'm saying? I take that pretty serious,'' Green said, adding, ``I'm a dog lover, but that's the limit.''

The search turned up 50 pounds of marijuana, and last month Green was convicted of possession and trafficking in the drug. His sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 6.

Green's lawsuit, which seeks $450,000 in damages, also was filed against police investigators, Athens County Sheriff Vern Castle and the trial judge who ruled that the marijuana was admissible as evidence because it came from the furniture business, not the other building.

Last Thursday, Andi the German shepherd was informed that he's being sued, sort of. With a paw print, the dog ``signed'' the paper indicating he had been formally served with the complaint.

Green said he wants prosecutors to look into the dog's actions.

``I want him charged with several different felony counts,'' he said.

Um...couldn't our legal system be using this time to do something more valuable, like say...learning to write with its toes?


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