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I keep going two ways with Summer. Sometimes I want to keep her, sometimes I can't imagine having her around for longer than a few weeks. My options are keep her, find her another (very good) home, or hold onto her for a year or so until Mel and Brewi are able to buy a house and (might) decide to take her back. The two options that appeal to me most are the last two...any way I think of it, I can't picture having her for more than a year, at the very most. More like a month or two.

I wonder if I'm not as much of a dog person as I've always thought. I mean, I love dogs. But...it's like kids. Does that mean I really want to be responsible for one, all by myself? Or maybe it's because Summer is a bigger dog than I usually picture myself with...maybe it's because she's needy, or energetic...

I love playing with her. I take her out to play fetch once a day, usually. But she needs more playing than that...I think she would play all day if she could.

She has to sleep in the room with me, otherwise we're afraid she'll chew things or bother the cat. I'm not used to having anything alive in the room with me while I sleep...whenever she moves I wake up. She stays down all night, except for once or twice a night when she gets up to drink some water from the bowl I keep by the door.

But she is such a friendly dog. So nice and happy. And I think it's possible she knows what I'm thinking. If I don't play with her when she brings her ball over, or if I even look at her sometimes, she gets a very sad look on her face. I don't know if that's just a natural dog look when she's not smiling, or if she's really sad. And it makes my heart hurt.

I don't need to make my decision now, obviously. I hate this responsibility thing.
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