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So I went to the library yesterday. When you walk in, there is a bank of computers for use as catalogs, along with a couple microfiche machines, right in your line of sight. To get to the kid's section, you have to make an immediate right, walk about 20 feet, then take another right.

Anyway, so this lady comes in with a little boy, couldn't have been more than 3. She went to the microfiche machine and sat down, and I lost track of her because I was examining the shelves. About 10 minutes later, the head library lady came up to me and asked if I had come in with a "little one." I said no. She went around asking all the other people in the section, till she got to the microfiche lady.

NM: Negligent Mother
L: Librarian

NM: Yes, I did!

L: Oh, well, he's in the children's section crying.

NM: *sounding concerned* Oh he is? Oh no!

L: *obviously relieved and thinking to lead this woman to her son* Yes, he's just over this way...*walking away to the kid's section*

NM: *watches the librarian walk away, then just turns back around and goes back to her microfiche*

Me: O__o

A little while later the librarian came back and told the lady she had gotten the kid settled down with a book. But what the hell? It is not the librarian's job to watch your kid for you.

Wouldn't you think a good mother would at least have gone to see what was wrong with her kid? Brought him and a book to the table next to her so she could keep an eye on him?

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