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Tomorrow mom and I are driving up to Tok for a funeral. My aunt's ex-husband died. I didn't know him all that well, I think we're going mainly because his kids are all gonna be there, and some grandkids, and we haven't seen some of them for a couple years. So, anyway, I'll be gone tomorrow and most of Saturday. Miss you all!

And, since I'm here and all, on Thursdays I have a watercolor class through the college. We're doing one painting in class and we have to do another one outside of class. The paper we do our outside painting on has to be 22x30", and we can do one painting, cut the paper in half and do two, or cut it into quarters and do four. I'm leaning toward four, since I'm more used to working small (though I may change my mind). So I'm thinking to do some sort of theme. I was going to do the Seasons or something, but then I thought up some others. So I'll put it to a vote. I won't promise to actually do whichever one gets the most votes, because I'm contrary like that, but I'm curious.

So far, my choices are as follows:

Dancers (a Chinese dancer, a Hula Dancer, maybe a Belly Dancer or something...you get the idea)
Masks (again, from different cultures)
Cultural costumes

Feel free to make other suggestions, too. :)
Tags: class, painting
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