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We're back! Mom drove the whole way up and back, so she's beat, and for some reason I'm tired too, but I am babysitting Ethan at 6 tonight. The service was nice (in a Baptist sort of way), though a little heavy on the prayers and hymns (which I guess could be defined as the Baptist sort of way...). It was really nice seeing my cousins, some whom I've not seen for several years. Last time I saw Elizabeth and Victoria ("The Queens," as we call them), they were 5 and 3...now they're "seven and a half" and "five and an inch." I asked if they remembered me and Elizabeth said, "Yes. Victoria, do you remember cousin Nelli? I fell asleep on her last time." I remember that, too. My arm hurt for 3 days.

My cousin who lives with Grandma and her daughter (who is very autistic) made it up from Oregon, and J. remembered my name and was very excited to see me again, and even held several conversations with me, which is progress, since she's usually very withdrawn. As soon as she saw me she said, "Melly! Melly!" and gave me a hug, and later when we all went to the house she said "Nelli! Play with me!" Her mom told me she'd be going "Nelli my cousin! Nelli my cousin!" before we got there, too.

The Queens and John (who is 8 or so, I guess...3rd grade, at any rate) were being very rambunctious last night in the chapel (after the service, during the potluck), and in the house where everyone except us was staying, and this morning when we went by to visit before coming home. The Queens' dad took the girls outside to play, since it was warm enough to snow, and I asked John if he wanted to go outside too.

Me: Aren't you going to go out and play with the girls?

John: *drily* I'm not really an Outside person.


It was really cold upcountry...-50 last night. It warmed up to about -20 this morning. Now we're back home, where it's a balmy 0 degrees farenheit. Ahh, blessed warmth.

We also took Summer with us, and I think she is glad to be home, too, where her paws don't hurt when she goes outside. I guess this would be where we annouce that we've decided to keep her (though mom says she may change her mind if Summer chews up anything vital).

I am very glad to be home.

P.S. Thank you all for your consideration and thoughts on my painting ideas. I believe I will do dancers, costumed either in authentic cultural dress or something a little more fantastic. I may only do 2 larger paintings or one huge one, so I can get more detail in. *hugs*
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