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In my dream, I was some sort of child prodigy psychic (though whenever someone tried to tell me how important that was, I'd say "bundts and mints!" which was some sort of statement that the only thing psychics were good for was telling people about cakes and fresh breath...this made more sense in the dream). I was an adult in the dream, but used to people fawning all over me. There was a team of highly specialized assassins after me, one man and one woman, not to kill me but to kill all the people around me who were trying to protect me (from the government, I guess).

I was at college again, in the dorms, but it really REALLY sucked this time, because 1) I shared my room with like...at least 7 other people and 2) the room was actually a common room...an open one right above a cafeteria, so all the noise from the caf carried up to where we were. This meant afternoon naps were a no-go. On the plus side, we could have pets...I met a girl on the tail-end of my dream who had a dog who was part French bulldog and part Newfoundland!

Actually, though, the location of the room didn't matter much to me since I spent most of the dream running through the Amazon jungle (with small flashes of Alaska), fleeing from the assassins (we'll call them Jesse and James after the incompetent team of thieves in Pokemon, though they were anything but incompetent). There were several people trying to keep me safe. Franco, who was a short, bald family man who told really cool stories and was into ballroom dancing, some guy who was played by Pierce Brosnan--he wasn't actually in the jungle with us, he'd just pop up from time to time to tell us where to go next--and Jeff, who was into surfing for some reason. He was pretty cute and probably would have been my love interest if the dream had gone on long enough.

Anyway, we encountered grizzly bears, treasure maps, and patterns in the stars on our little trek. At one point, Franco disappeared, probably killed by Jesse and James. Then suddenly, Jeff and I were on the road to my house here from town, but the road was just a dirt trail. Somehow, Jeff lost his clothes, so I was gonna run on ahead and get the car and drive back to pick him up so he didn't have to walk 4 miles naked. Of course, when I got back to the house, it turned into the dorm (this is when I met the girl with the dog) and Jesse and James caught me there and ...I guess they brainwashed me, though I didn't go without some sort of fight. I also yelled at them for killing Franco, because he was really nice and he had kids (they couldn't care less). I woke up just as Jeff showed up, in the nude, to rescue me. I think he may have been wearing a fig leaf or something, though.
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