kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

So, I had a dentist's appointment today. I made it yesterday...originally, I couldn't get in until the 27th, but then the receptionist called back and said that someone had cancelled their appointment for 2:20 today so I said YAY!

Anyway, I got there today and she had forgotten to schedule me in! I was a little disappointed but not mad because she's human, makes mistakes, and they're all so nice there anyway. But she managed to get me in for an exam (and I have to go back in tomorrow for my cleaning)and YAY I HAVE NO CAVITIES! For the past year I've been sure I had a cavity in my "Number 5" because of a sweetness sensitivity, but I don't! So I got some sensitivity toothpaste and went on my merry way. Also, I stopped by Beck's on the way home and we had a nice little chat, and when I got home, Jennifer (mother of the little boy I babysit for) had left a little bag of homemade truffles on my porch for me! They're in the freezer right now cuz they were kinda melty. She actually balled one up and gave it to me before she left for work this morning and it was very good. AND I got a sandwich from the deli for my dinner, and a smokey bone for Summer. YAY!
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