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My mom and younger (though not smaller) brother arrived yesterday afternoon. I was so happy to see them. We watched a movie last night, and ordered pizza, and then I read to them. It's nice to have them with me for Christmas.

My brother has gotten majorly puffy hair-wise. He has a little goatee, too. It's unsettling to see the kid that used to hide in bushes with camo paint on his face and ferns in his hair wearing facial hair and a "snowboarder 'do." That's what he calls it. Also, "Alaskan hair," which makes him "All-Around Alaskan." We decided he shall henceforth be called "Triple A."

Henceforth is a good word. But very lawyery. Like "heretofor" and "flibbertygibbet."

What is a flibbertygibbet, anyway? A kind of fish?

I like candy. There is a lot of it here.

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