kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Had a pretty neat dream last night. Of course, now it makes no sense at all. But here we go.

I owned a house. It was a HUGE house. I don't think I even knew how many rooms it had. There were a bunch of people living there when I bought it, and I let them stay. It was almost like a bed and breakfast or somthing. Most of these people were about my age, some a little older. There were a couple families.

Some sort of organization was part of the house. I would say a fraternity, but both men and women were involved. The head honcho of this organization was an elected official. I bought the house and joined the group sort of at the tail end of this particular honcho's reign, so to speak. When the brothers and sisters elected a new person, it was a man who was cruel and intolerant, and really just an asshole. A bunch of us who disapproved walked away from the group (but for some reason, I let them continue using my ballroom.)

One of the girls who had been living in the house before I bought it had to show me how one of the upstairs bathrooms worked. My room was right beside it, and she said something about if we wanted to use the faucet in the sink, we would first have to go to the kitchen and turn on some water there. The kitchen was like 3 floors away, so I was a little boggly, but apparently by "kitchen" she meant "random faucet outside the bathroom door."

Most of the dream was me getting used to my ginormous house (which seemed to be getting bigger), with occasionally forays into the ballroom to taunt the fraternity-cum-dictatorship. There was a boy who lived in the house, too. Several actually, but one rather interested me. In uh...an intellectual sense, of course *hem*. He was a little odd, though.

Anyway, at the end of the dream, all my friends who had left the frat and I rushed the ballroom. I hid in a closet while Mr. Dick Tater and his minions went into one of the equipment rooms to have a discussion about how best to take us out.

So we locked the door from the outside.

Someone suggested just leaving them in there until they had to resort to cannibalism, but we decided we should just call the cops because, in addition to being a bunch of assholes, Dick's group also dabbled in illegal activities.

And at the end of the dream, I got a smooch from Interesting Boy. YAY I'm progressing beyond hugging!
Tags: dream, fraternity, house, smooch

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