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LJ Interests meme results

  1. art:
    Like it. I like making it and looking at it, though I prefer realism or at least pictures and statues of recognizable things. In other words, I am not a fan of abstracts.
  2. babies:
    Cute. Don't know if I want one ever, and certainly not anytime soon, but they sure are adorable to look at and play with. Also, I can just give them back to the parents when they start getting cranky.
  3. camping:
    By camping, I don't mean extreme "hike till you drop, hauling a 50-pound pack on your back" camping. I mean "drive to a campground and set up a tent and roast hotdogs and s'mores over an open fire" camping.
  4. elfwood:
    Elfwood is the first place I ever put my art online. I think it was actually the first art gallery I went to online. I got bored one day and did a search for "fantasy art" and it was the first thing that popped up. I then went through all the galleries in a matter of days. I didn't make my own gallery till a few years later, though.
  5. firefly:
    Who DOESN'T love Firefly? It's funny and adventurous and all the characters are hot.
  6. leaves:
    I like leaves. I don't know why. I just like looking at them.
  7. music:
    I like most music (with the exception of rap of heavy metal), and my favorite genres are country and Celtic. I love fiddle music.
  8. oded fehr:
    He's hot, and has an accent. That's all there is to it. See also: Gerard Butler.
  9. reading:
    Haven't been doing a lot of reading lately, though I have several books on the menu. I used to spend my weekends doing nothing BUT reading. I think the first time I read "Clan of the Cave Bear" was one Sunday in high school.
  10. trees:
    They are what leaves grow from. I've always been surrounded by trees (grew up in a spruce forest) and I guess they make me feel safe and enclosed. Nice trees.

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