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Just subbed for the first time in the Valdez district. A 3rd and 4th grade teacher got ill and went home around 9, so I took her class for the rest of the day. It was fun for the most part, with a couple dashes of "Hey you, sit down and shut the hell up" thrown in (but gentler).

My favorite exchange took place while we were standing in the line for lunch. I had to escort my class in the line until they got into the kitchen, so the two boys at the back of the line were talking to me. Note: the teacher had told the class my last name before I got there.

Boy: When the teacher told us your name, we thought it sounded like a vampire name.

Other Boy: *nods*

Boy: So we were afraid you'd have long teeth and be scary.

Other Boy: But then when you got here, we thought you might be boring.

Boy: So we were almost hoping you WOULD be a vampire, so you wouldn't be boring!

Me: ...

Me: So...are you still afraid I might be boring?

Boys: No.

Me: Thanks.


Me: Is it sad that a 3rd grader thought I looked boring?

Nina: Yes.

Although, 15 minutes into my day there, I'd already had 3 kids come up and tell me that I should tell their teacher to make me be the sub every time she was gone, so I guess that's something.
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