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Subbed for another aide to a special needs child today. He was a Kindergartener, and a cute kid, if a bit difficult. He pouted and whined and didn't enunciate, but at least he didn't scratch me or anything. I took him to one of the resource rooms and let him play in an inflatable pool filled with plastic balls for a while, and he did his classwork quickly (for the most part) and efficiently. He did get upset when he wasn't one of the line leaders, though. Whew. Pouted all the way to lunch and all the way back. And while he was AT lunch, he went to get a cup for his milk and stopped next to the little girl who WAS the lineleader to tell her that HE was gonna be the line leader. Cheeky little fellow.

I took him to the bus at 12:45 and then I spent the afternoon with the preschoolers. I met them in the library while they listened to a story, then we went to the gym and let them run around and jump over a jump rope a bunch of different ways. One of the boys, a rather chubby kid who just turned 4 (and so adorable) got his whole body into the jumps. The teacher told him to jump with both feet over the rope, like his feet were glued together. He would bend way, WAY over, and swing up his arms and jump as high as he could...and would go maybe 2 inches. So cute.

One of the other little boys was sort of a special needs kid, I'd say, but he had someone who was sort of trying to keep him in check. HE scratched me. And pinched me. And didn't listen, but whatever. One of the little girls was the most adorable thing ever. She had wispy blonde hair and wore glasses and her backpack was bigger than she was.

AND. AND. A lady came in with a basket full of FIVE BABY BUNNIES. She had dyed them pastel colors with Koolaid. The little kids got to hold them. And then I got to hold them! SQUEE BABY BUNNIES!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday there is testing going on in the school so I'm going to be roaming the halls and making sure that people are being quiet and running errands for teachers and stuff. When Beth called me for that job she said "Make sure you wear comfortable shoes!" Oh dear.
Tags: kindergarten, preschool, special needs, sub, valdez

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