kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

I'm watching an Ewok DVD I borrowed from Justin yesterday. I used to have a tape of animated ewoks when I was younger and I thought this was it, but it doesn't seem familiar, though the characters are the same. There's some donkeything with horns that's kinda cute, and an evil witch, and some things that look kinda like Heroin-Addict Grinch.

Somehow, I seem to remember these cartoons being a lot more riveting when I was a child.

Hmm. "Oh, kvark" seems to be some sort of ewok swear word, akin to "oh shit." One I will use from now on with alarming regularity.

Since I happen to be on the subject of cartoons from my younger days (since I'm so hideously old now), I remember Unico. I don't know how many other people saw Unico. It was about a strange little creature with a round head and a horn. Didn't look like a unicorn until he/she/it needed to save a friend, then it turned into a flying unicorn thing. That was always my favorite part.

I had a tape called Wee Wendy, which I guess would be the first anime I ever watched. The title character had the most high-pitched voice possible that could still be heard by human ears. My mom referred to it as "That cartoon about the creature with the horrible voice."

Back to ewoks...I just realized that my friend from high school who named his cat "Lurdo" must have gotten the name from Ewok language. It's some kind of insult. Another one I will use often. You lurdo.

It's foggy today, and soggy, but I'm thinking of going for another walk later. Keels gets off work early today and we're going to pick up some champagne and food for New Year's Eve. I'm cold. Yes, that was abrupt. I'm still cold. Maybe hot chocolate is the answer.

Lessee...I used to be a big fan of She-ra, and I liked He-Man because of his green tiger.I liked Garfield. And I used to have a copy of Davy Crockett and the River Pirates. Does anyone else have any favorite cartoons from when they were younger?

Subject change again. I'm watching Maury now and they have footage from this guy who goes around and videotapes guys who use hookers to they will go to jail. He taped this guy who took a prostitute to his van, they had sex, then he got out and poured rubbing alcohol on himself (there'r all sorts of definitions of safe sex out there, I guess). The camera literally caught him with his pants down. Condoms, people. Condoms.

Okay, I'm going to go eat something now. More later. Maybe.

EDIT: I have come to the conclusion that Ewoks are Canadian. Or Mexican. I say this because there are some with the Canadian accent (I am half expecting one certain one to say "Eh?" after he speaks) and Wicket and a couple others sound like the kids from Mucha Lucha. Plus I'm pretty sure I heard one of them say "Ai chihuahua." That is all.

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