kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Last night, when I got back from class, mom told me a sad, sad story. She had been all set to tape Supernatural for me. About 10 minutes before it started, she came over to turn on the tape, and she got kind of interested in the show that was on, so she pressed the info button to see what show it was. Then the satellite stopped working. So she went "...okaaaay...well, I'll just go to my jigsaw puzzle site online and see if I can work a couple puzzles while I wait for the satellite to work again." So she did. And then the internet whacked out.

So when I got home, the satellite was back on, but there was no internet. None at all, Sam I Am.

Oh well. It seems to be working this morning. And, last night after I got home, mom and I went out into the yard and watched the aurora again. No colors this time, but it was still pretty intense.

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