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Another Friday Five from Tric

1) How do you feel about people who commit suicide? Such as, do you feel that they are too lazy to deal with life, have depression, do you feel sorry for them, etc.?
I guess I feel sorry for them, but also I'm angry at them. I understand depression (though I've never been truly crippled by it) but when someone dies, they're not the only person affected by it. Their friends, family, pets are hurt as well.

2) What do you think people say about you behind your back?
Probably that I'm naive, lazy, weak-willed, overweight, and frumpy. Do I care? Not particularly.

3) If you could own and operate any major business, what would it be?
A bakery, or a bookstore, or a metaphysical store, or an art gallery.

4) Are you/would you be embarrassed to talk to your friends or family about sex?
Not my friends. I think it would be a little embarrassing to talk to my mom and brother, and there's no way I'd talk to any of the rest of my family about it.

5) In some cultures, young women are married and begin families as soon as they start a menstrual cycle. Do you believe this is right or wrong? Why?
I don't really think this is a fair question to ask. I've been brought up to think that anything below 18 is too young for sex and marriage. The proper thing would be to ask how those young women feel. And also, you can't just take an entire group of people and say "Is it right or wrong for them?" People mature at different rates. Some might be ready for that, some might not. It's an individual thing.
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