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April 19th and 20th Subbing

Okay, on Wednesday and Thursday, I subbed for a lady who does special math at the elementary school in the mornings, and in the afternoons, a short period at the junior high and two high school health classes.

I was really nervous because 1) MathOMG and 2) Junior High/High School. Surprisingly, it all went well. The math was stuff that I only remembered vaguely, but easy enough to re-understand, and plus I had the teacher's edition answer key. Not to mention that the first class was split into two parts. One part was 5 "individualized math" students, who need a bit of extra help on their math, and 3 pre-Algebra kids, who are better at math than I am. Ni's mom, who is a teacher, took the IM kids, and so I spent the hour hanging out with 3 nice 6th-graders who rock at math.

The junior high thing was weird and sort of hard to explain, except that it was a 15-minute "mini-period" and all we did was silent reading the first day, and "hall duty" the second day, in which they cleaned up the hallway.

The high school classes weren't all bad, either. The first one was pretty good, despite the fact that we were watching the most boring video in existance (called "AIDS: Questions with Answers"). It was made in 1989, so some of the info was outdated, not to mention the hairstyles. It was a dramatization about a teenage boy who discovers he has AIDS, and how his family deals with it. It seriously looked like it was made by high school students with an old camera or something. Anyway, the first class just gently mocked it, which was fine. The second class was rather large and loud, and one kid in particular was running around, standing on his head, throwing things...y'all, he managed to find a dead frog in a plastic bag (in a room used primarily for ENGLISH class wtf) and threw it at someone.

On Thursday, they had to finish their STD packets. I made a deal with them that if we could do 6 pages together, quickly and seriously in class, and they promised to finish the rest of the packet as homework, I'd let them have whatever time they had left as freetime, and that worked pretty well. Annoying kid from the second class was gone that day, so we actually got stuff done. YAY.
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