kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

I had a dream last night of which I don't remember much.

I was subbing in a music class, which wouldn't have been bad, but I didn't really know what we were supposed to do. Luckily, the kids were all pretty well behaved and told me they'd been singing songs from a songbook, so I got it out, we read through a song and then sang it along with the music on the CD.

At that point, the regular teacher, who was just about to leave on vacation, came in to see how we were doing. I told him we'd just sung a song and I was looking for another, and he singled out one of the boys and told him to sing the song for him, without music. He also wasn't allowed to read the words from his book. The teacher had apparently expected him to memorize them with a couple read-throughs. When the boy only remembered the first few words, the teacher started CHOKING him and yelling that he was a loser.

At first, I just stood there, staring. Then my brains kicked in and I ran over, karate-chopped the teacher's hand away from the boy's throat, and said "Get out GET OUT!" And I basically chased the teacher out of the room.

THEN, apparently, I was an outlaw, and there was a house with blood on the floors, and I could swim underwater, and then there was this guy who I'm guessing was a bodyguard (and he was kinda hot) but for some reason, not so versed in the art of camoflage. As we were underwater, I was wearing greenish-gray paint and scales and he was just wearing his white skin, and there were boats passing overhead. Every time one passed over looking for us, I'd have to basically get over him so his skin wasn't visible and we blended in with the seabed.

Tags: dream, music, outlaw, sub, water

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