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Okay, so...I was supposed to be a cafeteria lady from 11-2:15 today. Then the head of cafeteria ladies called this morning and said she didn't need me after all. YAY, free day.

About 20 minutes later, Beth from the elementary school called and asked if I could come in from 11-2:15 to sub for one of the music teachers. So I did.

It was okay. I had Kindergarten from 11:15-11:45. At one point, when they were being too loud, I sat them down, told them they needed to calm down a little before we did the next song, and reminded them that they needed to raise their hands if they wanted to say something. One little girl shot her hand into the air.

Me: Yes.

Little Girl: You shouldn't play with guns or touch a gun because it might go off and shoot a bullet and you might kill someone so you shouldn't touch a gun and you should tell a grown-up.

Me: *blink*

Little Boy: YEAH you should tell a grown up and stop drop and roll!

Me: *blink blink* Um...yes. You shouldn't touch guns. Very good.

Turns out, they'd just had a couple cops in to talk to them about gun safety.

Then I had an hour for lunch. I ate my granola bar in like 5 minutes, then sat around being bored until 12:45. Then I had a couple 4th grade classes. The first one was sort of loud and annoying, the second one was fine.

Then I had ANOTHER break, for half an hour, then my last class was 5th grade band. We went through some pages they'd already done before, and made them do each song twice (they were short songs), and told them that every time they groaned about my song choice, I'd make them do that song again. They got the hang of it pretty quick.

Tomorrow, I go in at noon to sub. I'm not sure what grade it's for.

I'm a little nervous about Friday. I leave home at about 7:30. I sub for a 2nd grade class. It's an early release day, so school gets out at 1:50. By the time I get home at around 2:30, Summer will have been alone in the house for 7 hours. THEN, at 4:30, I leave home AGAIN and go to do a port cruise and I probably won't be home until at LEAST 8:30. But I'm really really nervous about Friday morning. *sigh*
Tags: 4th grade, 5th grade, afternoon, band, kindergarten, music, sub

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