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Okay, Phase One of Friday has passed.

I subbed for a 2nd grade class today, and they were one of the best, most helpful, obediant classes I've ever had. EXTREMELY well-behaved. I loved them, and a bunch of them drew pictures for me, some OF me. I have like...12 pictures that I brought home, and 3 or 4 of them are pictures of me, right down to the glasses and turquoise shirt I wore.

At lunchtime, I ran to the store to get some chewbones for Summer and something from the deli for me (chicken strips and mozz sticks...yum) and then took them back to the school to eat. At first, I was going to sit in the back room in the office to eat, but when I got back there, I saw there was a kid in there reading with some schoolbooks spread out in front of him. I didn't want to eat with a kid (3rd or 4th grade, I'd say) I continued on through the room, but I didn't want to seem aloof so I said, "Hi there! Finishing up some homework, eh?" This may have been someone of an inane question on my part, but the kid was kinda rude. He was like "Yeah, who are you?" And it wasn't a curious "who are you," it was a "who the fuck are you and why are you talking to me?" tone. Whatever, Junior.

One of the girls in my class today (the one who gave me the most pictures and also invited me over to her house to play after school) brought in a Guiness Book of World Records for show and tell, so when they were having free draw between assignments, I read some of the animal facts to them. They really enjoyed it, and they liked trying to guess the animal. I would ask "Okay, raise your hand if you think you know the answer...What is the animal with the largest wingspan in the world?" And then I'd show them the pictures and read them the little blurb about the maribou stork, koala, Kitti's hognosed bat, capybara, etc.

As soon as school got out, I finished my report and jetted, as I was worried about Summer, who had been home alone (but for the cat) for 7 hours. She was EXTREMELY happy to see me but the only damage I could find was to a paper towel she must have gotten out of the wastebasket beside the computer.

She hadn't eaten any of the food I put out for her this morning, and she still hasn't. As soon as I got home, I let her out to pee and then took her out to the road and threw her ball for her until she was tired.

Anyway, in about another couple hours I have to be at the docks for the port cruise. It's a pretty crappy day and I'm still trying to decide if I want to wear my couple-years-out-of-date contacts or my glasses. I'll probably go with my contacts just so I'm not constantly having to wipe off my glasses.
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