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For some reason, they were thinking that there would be like 150 passengers tonight, when the capacity for the boat is MAX 148 WITH CREW, but I think there were only like 87 people, so it was nice. It was the Rotary Club.

We didn't have to do anything with the food, it was all catered. Hors d'oeuvres and booze, really. The thing is, the catering people were told to provide "heavy hors d'oeuvres" and yet ALL the food they provided was GONE by the time we sailed. Literally. We boarded at 6, and by 6:10 the lady who organized the stuff was freaking out because she thought the food would be gone, so she ran to the store and got back at exactly 6:30 (our scheduled departure) with bags of chips, salsa, cookies, rolls, meat, and cheese. So that was okay.

Amanda and I were the only crew, but the catering service provided 3 waitstaff so Amanda and I didn't really have to do anything except talk to people, keep the heads clean and check the trash cans now and then. We saw a mother bear and cub, and a mountain goat...about 50 feet from the bears. Actually, the bears were really hard to see because they were hidden in the brush on the mountainside above us. I had actually seen them before the captain pointed them out, but I didn't have binocs so I thought I was looking at a rock. They weren't moving.

Anyway, good trip. Cloudy, drizzly at times, but the water was like glass. So tired. So hungry. On the boat I had like...two grapes, a slice of cheese, and half a glass of peppermint tea.

EDIT: I thought this was amusing...there were three caterers on board, two women and one gay man. Near the end of the cruise, one of the women (slightly heavier than I) asked if I thought one of the passengers (the youngest man on the boat...late 20s, maybe) was gay. Apparently, the caterers had been discussing it in the galley. I told her I have basically no gaydar, and asked if she was thinking about going for it. Her reply was "GOD no. I'd break him like a twig."

Then she convinced the male caterer, a friend of my friend Ni and very nice guy, to do a "walk-by" and see if Gay-or-Not-Gay checked him out. He walked too fast I don't even think GoNG noticed him going by, but apparently the whole discussion had arisen because GoNG had "reached way over the bar" when Male Caterer was serving him. "He was practically caressing you!" Ha.
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