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Tricksters for Christ Stats

Formed: 7th May 2006
Split: 22nd November 2010
Best Album: ‘Gourmand Snapper Shim Gunite’ 7/10 in the NME
Best Single: ‘Winner’ 7/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 21st July 2006.)
Records Sold: 241,977 in total (119,861 albums, 122,116 singles).
Reputation: Obscure
Groupies: jigglesthefett has the remarkable tendancy to come on tour more than a lifetime of roadies.
Other According to unofficial reports approximately 1925 people died of ‘unknown causes’ whilst listening to ‘Nexuses’.

Tricksters for Christ Member Profiles


High pitched, utter, off key shite. No we’re not talking about Thom Yorke. We’re on about kokopellinelli!


All in all milestogo13 cannot play guitar for shit. Tricksters for Christ have to employ the talents of a session musician

to play their lines in the studio.


cvburg insists on using their thumb instead of their fingers to hit frets, which means that they tweak out a startling 10 notes a minute.


A pollaxed Stevie Wonder would do a better job of hitting the right drums than getting_weary!


Unable to diffentiate between the white and black keys, keelykins eased the dillema by pouring white paint over all of the board.

Single Releases

# Title Date
16 Orcinols Jun 2006
11 Winner Jul 2006
23 Idolator Passbook Thins Diplomat Aug 2006
25 Crevalle Diastem Swarm Nov 2006
16 Tectonic Dec 2007
23 Overwide Archaic Unfetter Mar 2008
74 Nexuses May 2008
81 Heron Prolapse Logos Terbiums Zygotene Aug 2009
93 Teths Midways Mudsills Seemings Oct 2009
N/A Handless Shoaled Dumb Backchat Dec 2009

Album Releases

# Title Date
24 Gourmand Snapper Shim Gunite May 2006
21 Confides Nov 2007
90 Acutance Pogrom Saris Jun 2009

northern ireland’s worst

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