kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

It's a meme-like thing from hellziggy. One of her friends was talking about how few of his LJ friends he'd met irl.

6 - Knew in real life before LJ
discodawn, cvburg, keelykins, skyesidhe, getting_weary, egyptian_kisses

0 - Met after friending on LJ
But I have spoken to butterfairy on the phone.

37 - Never met
acidicthoughts, amoryl, aphemicghost, apollotiger, azazel, babb_chronicles, beowulff, butterfairy, chaosvizier, cleolinda, dark_wolf, dawnearth, deu_sex_machina, foresthouse, granolasquirrel, hellziggy, iharthdarth, indnraindancer, jigglesthefett, jokergirl, lala2, malhablada, milestogo13, msmatty35, natsaih, petter_haggholm, raisedbymoogles, redwaltz, rivoclavis, say_revolution, songblade, squirrellyfox, steppinrazor, tams, ursulav, vivian_shaw, wyldirishtric

6 - Doesn't count because it is someone's 2nd (or 3rd) journal
irishcastles, boobieblues, hostis_leti, milestonano, rainyart, skinny_oni
Tags: meme
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