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So today, we were supposed to have 50-something people on the boat, and 27 of them were gonna be elementary-aged kids from Kenny Lake on their annual educational trip to PWS (with 7 chaperones). They were late. We were ready to board, so we loaded up the 35 passengers who were waiting at the dock and then sat around wondering where in hell the kids were.

Amanda: They're probably singin'.

Me: Singing?

Amanda: Yeah. "Kumbaya" and shit.

Me: Oh god. You think they're gonna be like those people on the port cruise who started singing and formed a congo line?

Amanda: Y'ever seen Children of the Corn?

Me: Uh...the first part. Why, are the Kenny Lake kids like that?

Amanda: Children of the Lake.

John: It's like a cross between that and John Carpenter's Village of the Damned.

Me: Fantastic. Really looking forward to it.

About 10 minutes till cast off, another boat went by our slip, a smaller aluminum boat. There were kids in it. They waved at us.

Me: *jokingly* Think those are the Kenny Lake kids?

Turns out, they were.

Either the chaperones had called our office to cancel but there was a miscommunication, or they just didn't call to cancel. Nice.

Anyway, nothing much else to report. No whales (except a possible Minke that I spotted that we didn't bother to go see because it was being boring) but we did see a pregnant mountain goat down really low on a cliff, napping in a grassy patch.

Oh, and yesterday, I watched a sea lion at Bullhead hump a rock.

And Colleen offered me crew chief.
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