kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Kill the tongue. Just do it, be merciful.

What is the point of sugar-free jellybellies? I mean, seriously.

*glares at the bag of sugar-free jellybellies she got for Christmas*

I'm telling you, these things leave a taste in your mouth that make you want to scrape your tastebuds off your tongue.

I will not eat any more.

At least not 'til my brain has sufficiently blocked the memory of them, which is what happened just a few minutes ago.

*open box* "Oooh, jellybellies!"

*om nom nom nom nom* "OMFG."

~Two weeks from now~

*open box* "Oooh, jellybellies!"

Lather, rinse, repeat. I have the memory span of a very large goldfish.
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