kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Pretty good day, today, despite having 131 passengers. We took the big boat, though, and we had 4 crew, so it was all okay. Not much to report, except that it's REALLY DAMN WINDY in town (not to mention the Arm...choppy liekwhoa). After we'd docked and cleaned the boat, I went down to the storage area in the port side hull of the boat to get some more cups and stuff. Ryan and Susan were standing at the top of the ladder, ready to take the supplies as I handed them up.

All of a sudden, Susan looked out of the window (that I couldn't see from where I was) and said "Whoa, Ryan, we have to bike home in that." And Ryan looked up and turned WHITE, and was like "WHOA LOOK WHAT IT'S DOING TO THAT BOAT!" and at that second, a sound like a revving motorcycle filled the hull...it was SO LOUD. It sounded like the motorcycle was inside the boat.

I ran up the ladder and discovered that, far from being a motorcycle, it was a crazy gust of wind. Ryan said that what they'd seen was a ginormous wall of dust moving toward the boat and that a boat tied at the end of the dock stretched its ropes as far as they'd go without breaking.
Tags: boats, wind

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