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I was scheduled for the long trip today. I got to work at 9 am. At 9:10, Amanda came in and told me that they'd tried to call me at home, but had missed me by 5 minutes. Mary Helen was sick and couldn't crew chief the 6 hour, so they wanted me to do it. So I helped get the big boat ready and then spent the next 2 hours in the office, playing on the computer. Sucked because I was there 3 hours before I needed to be, rocked because I got payed for the 9 hour while only doing the 6 hour.

There was a family from Ecuador on the boat today. It was a woman (originally American, I believe, who has lived in South America for years), her brother (from Fairbanks), her very South American daughter, son-in-law, 3 grandkids, son-in-laws parents and aunt and uncle. Very nice, all of them, but I lost count of how many times I said, "No salte, no corre, por favor," (No jumping, no running, please) to the children. I had to ask the grandma how to say those things, because I've forgotten what little Spanish I once knew.

As I said, really nice people, but it would have been nice if they had helped me out a little when they noticed me trying to get their children to NOT KILL THEMSELVES.

At one point, another lady on the boat leaned over the galley counter and whispered to me, "Don't you just want to STRANGLE the little brats?"

My brain: YES.

Me: They're okay.

Also, the grandma hit her head on the window at one point, hard enough to cause swelling above her eye and bend her glasses slightly. We were watching the sea lions in slightly swelly seas (how's that for awesome alliteration?) and a random big one hit us broadside. She was standing in front of the window putting the cap on her camera so she didn't have a hand to steady herself. I heard the CLONK from half a boat away and brought her some ice. We filled out an incident report. She was okay.

Also, for something a little different and WTFish, a lady on the short trip yesterday (which I was not on) accused the company of discrimination.

We offer free coffee, tea, and lemonade all day. We offer hot chocolate, hot cider, and Russian tea for the price of 50 cents.

This lady told the crew (and wrote in the guest book) that we discriminate against people who don't like coffee by charging for hot chocolate.

Gee, I wish the only problem in my life was having to pay 50 cents for a cup of hot chocolate.
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