kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

So, yesterday was a long day.

I was on the 6 hour trip. We got in at 6:30, got done cleaning at 7:10 or so.

Then we started getting everything ready to go out again.

We had a port cruise for participants of the Theater Conference, starting at 10 pm. Both the big boats went out.

Patricia Neal was on my boat, along with a small entourage. We took her down to the boat in a wheelchair. When we were disembarking, we had the chair waiting for her. Flamboyantly, as she was led through the doorway, she said, "OH, my chair is here! My gallant chair!"

I didn't get home till 1:10 last night. Took a shower and was in bed by 1:36. SNORE.

Today I'm on the 6 hour again. We will be FULL TO CAPACITY, I'm pretty sure, as the count when I asked yesterday was 90-something and the weather is lovely today.


I guess they saw two breaching humpbacks on the long trip yesterday. Bastards.
Tags: boats, humpbacks, patricia neal, theater conference

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