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So, we didn't have a very good day at work today. It was very foggy, rainy, windy, and choppy. We also had 111 people on the boat, and 30 people on the little boat, which was doing the same trip. There were a few people feeling queasy, and one lady feeling downright sick. And we couldn't see the glacier, and we couldn't go to Bullhead to look at the sea lions...and it was all just kind of blah.

And then, to top it all off, some JACKASS came up to me and said, "I just got something to say."

He then proceeded to tell me it was the worst cruise he'd ever been on, and he wouldn't be using the company again, and he'd been on the boats with us before and he had a really good captain that time, but THIS captain was the WORST captain in the history of the world and he sounded bored in his narration and he obviously didn't know what he was doing...then when he realized that this particular captain is the president and owner of the company, he amended that to "He's too old" and said that he needed to hire someone to narrate the trip while he drove.

Okay, so this particular cap'n doesn't banter much, but he knows his facts. He wasn't pointing out EVERY SINGLE otter and sea lion that went by because we'd already seen some earlier and he was concentrating on driving the boat in the rough water we were having.

But I don't know what Jackass thought I was gonna do about it. Fire the Captain? Tell him "Uh...someone downstairs doesn't like you...but we've gotten a lot of comments in the guestbook saying that most of them DO."

Can't please everyone.
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