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I have known my friend Mel since 3rd grade, when she moved to Valdez. I had a dream about her the night before I met her. In my dream, there was a new girl at my school with dark hair and eyes, and she had a magic button. Whoever she touched with the magic button died. I was terrified of that dream.

The next day after school, I got on the bus and the only free seat was next to this girl from my dream! I didn't want to sit by her, but I didn't have a choice, so I sat down very stiffly, holding myself well away from her, and she smiled and said, "Hi!" And I asked, "Do...do you have a magic button?" Her smile faded only a little and she replied, "No." So I was like, "Okay, then!" and we became good friends.

Over the years, she's been one of my best friends, though we have had problems seeing eye to eye on certain things, particularly drug use. She experimented, I've never even had a drag off a cigarette, and she always called me her Conscience.

She went to college with me and Nina our first year, but then dropped out and stayed in Valdez, working. She and her boyfriend bought a trailer a couple years ago and moved in together. About a year later she stopped smoking, which made me very happy.

About 8 and a half months ago I got a call from her: "Guess what! I'm pregnant!"

I knew she had been trying to get pregnant, but it still was a bit of a shock...my first old school friend to get pregnant (Note I said "friend" and not "classmate"...I think about half of my old school classmates have gotten pregnant...the other half have gotten other people pregnant. One guy's girlfriend had had TWO children by the time he graduated!).

A month or so after that, another phone call: "Steven asked me to marry him! Will you be in my wedding?" So I said yes. That made two weddings I was in last summer...I hate dresses. *mutters* 'Flattering waist' my ass.

Anyway, the thing that sparked this little meander down Memory Lane is this: Mel had her baby just two days ago. I wish I could have been there for her, instead of half a country away. My first little "nephew" and I've yet to meet him, and probably won't get a chance to meet him for at least a year. She was in labor for 22 hours...which really just enforces my tentative decision to not have kids of my own. It's not a certain thing, yet, but I REALLY don't have a high pain tolerance.

So. This is really just a shout-out to my new little nephew, William Alan Gabriel. Can't wait to meet you, little buddy.

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