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November 25th, 2004

10:44 am

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Turkey's in the oven...I hope it cooks well...

I made pumpkin pie yesterday but for some reason the crust on the VERY bottom isn't cooked. This makes me a little bit sad.

Keely's boy Justin is coming over around noon and we'll eat then, and then around 5 we're going to his grandma's to eat again! *sighs contentedly* Hello, extra 50 pounds.

10:55 am

Um...I thought I wrote a Happy Thanksgiving entry...in fact I know I did. But I'm guessing I switched screens without pressing update.

No...um...where the hell did it go??

Now I'm concerned. There's a spare Thanksgiving entry floating around LJ somewhere and ... *wanders off to call Fido*
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