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December 2nd, 2004

12:09 pm

I hate job-hunting. I am really afraid that I'll wind up having to take a job at Wendy's or the Piggly Wiggly. That may make me sound elitest, and really I need a job right now, but I am trying to be a little discriminating in the jobs I apply for. It just doesn't seem that there are all that many copyediting jobs within driving distance. I would even settle for a receptionist job. I'm just trying to find one that isn't an hour's drive away. It wouldn't be too bad most days, but I'm a little afraid of driving in a winter storm with all these crazy Wisconsin drivers around (because they ARE INSANE).

I've never really had to LOOK for a job before (except the hotel job)...I should try to find a job-finding service around here, but I'm afraid I won't be able to pay for their services. (Note to self: Of course, you could just CALL and ASK. Duh.) Yeah...maybe I should do that.

But the boat job came about because they asked Nina if she knew anyone looking for work, and she gave them my number, and the proofreading job came because Keels got an email from them and she told me about it. I HATE going on job interviews, because I'm always nervous and stuttery and worrying that I'll spit when I talk or I'll have underwear on the outside of my clothes or my nose will start bleeding or something. I know everyone hates interviews, that's not the point, this is about ME, can we focus please?

My brain just died. I have to go.

04:19 pm

You know you really have too much time on your hands when you sit around making skinny bendable santas with red pipe cleaners and cotton balls and googly eyes.

My mom sent us like 10 red pipe cleaners for some reason, and I didn't know why, so when Keels was home on her lunch hour, I twisted some together and with a couple minutes it was a santa. Keels said it was scary how quickly I did it, like it was waiting in me trying to get out. Then I tried to go to the library, but I got lost and wound up going to Walmart instead, where I bought tacky glue and googly eyes. I had to glue his head on kinda sideways because otherwise he kinda flops all over the place.

Now I've just spent five minutes angsting because I think I have an eyelash in my eye, but I am too damn lazy to actually GET UP and go look in the mirror. Maybe I should make more santas.
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