December 3rd, 2004


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There is nothing scarier than wanting to make a drawing or painting as a gift to someone, and wondering if you will get it done, send it, and then realize that it really sucked and wasn't worthy to be puppy pee-paper, let alone a present. Unless that person maybe paid for it. Not that that's ever happened to me, but I am trying to make a mermaid for a family friend who loves mermaids and who gave me a beautiful set of pearls and a Mythology book from the Smithsonian and I'm not having much luck and I'm afraid it will suck.

And actually, there are scarier things, like hatred and abandonment and zombies and Republicans, but this is something that gets inside you and doesn't let go, and self-doubt hurts.

*sigh* Enough of that depressing stuff for now. I got a game! Uno Attack! And it's fun. I've played it before. And tomorrow Keels and Justin and I are going to see the latest Harry Potter in an IMAX theater in Milwaukee. Wee!
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